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harmony interuptus

Work. Ugh. Not going the way I envisioned today and I found myself stressing (insert disharmony here) over something that happened at the office. Someone put their hand up to stop me from talking and explaining my process in the situation. I was triggered. Inside I was screaming…How dare he! I deserve to have my side heard too! I took a deep breath as I walked away. I then asked myself. What is my lesson here? Besides, of course, not screaming out loud and making a scene.

Feeling like the scapegoat goes way back to the role I played in my family. I realized I could either buy into that and react or let it go. Does this serve me any longer? Heck no! In the past maybe, but not any more. I checked in with that part of me that was up in arms, listened, comforted and I explained that was an alarm from the past and doesn’t play into the Now. I no longer buy into that pattern. So, I let it go. Harmony restored.

Later I found out he was having a really bad day and just couldn’t hear anymore. It wasn’t about me….imagine that.

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