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Choosing Harmony

It’s funny as I write this blog my fourteen-year-old son is back. Needless to say he is attempting to interrupt my flow of harmony. I am in the moment of writing and he is sitting here distracting my thoughts and words by playing and rough-housing with the dog, play-bickering with his brother (pretty funny actually), throwing himself on the couch next to me, and being silly asking me “what’s wrong, Mom?” “Mom, what’s wrong” over and over again, all in the name of boredom. Bottomline, I choose how I want to feel about it. I have been having fun with him on and off all day so I keep it light. Sure at times it can be annoying, that’s when I give him a chore to do like, “go, take out the trash.” Ah, he’s off. I love being the creator of my own harmony. And the trash got taken out, too!

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