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February, 2009:

the Truth behind harmony

The face of harmony isn’t always pretty. It doesn’t always appear loving or kind. The face of harmony is multi-faceted; it is through accepting duality in this world that we can truly embrace harmony.

sound harmonics—healing or detriment?

On a group email list I belong to, someone brought up the topic of heavy rock music and rap being unhealthy. As I was reading the email, I realized that my experience of those genres of music was a bit different. I also reflected on some other teachings I have been exposed to.

I studied Sound Energy Healing a few years ago. I asked the teacher what he thought about heavy metal and rap and how it’s vibration affected us. He suggested it is what the person believes that will give them the results. Basically, we give something it’s meaning. Our experience of certain sounds, determine our reaction to them.

Since then I have reflected on this teaching and I have heard it supported in A Course in Miracles with “You give it it’s meaning”. I have heard it expressed as “energy follows thought” in Esoteric Healing class. I have heard variations of that teaching with Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics. And even Peak Potentials has a version of it: “my thoughts, equal my feelings, which lead to my actions which give me my results.”

I respect and value Dr. Emoto’s studies: What the Bleep!?: Water Crystals, Miraculous Messages of Water, and Conscious Water Crystals, The Power of Prayer with the water tests, yet I am careful to note that those tests were a direct result of his and his colleagues’ experience. His thoughts equaled his feelings, which led to his actions and his results. I also believe in peace and that prayer affects life energy, so I believe much of the findings he came to. Those are my beliefs though, which have come through my experience and reflections.

What I have found is there are times when listening to heavy rock has helped me to move energy along that I was having difficulty moving out before. I believe music helps to shift and connect to innate primitive energy just like the heavy drumbeats, dance and ceremony of indigenous cultures were used.

In my life I have seen where there is value in many different kinds of music, sound and vibrations. I have also seen how as my vibration changes I am more sensitive to others. In other words as my experiences in life change and my vibration shifts, I find I am more attracted to people and music that feeds my soul differently. This isn’t to say that I still don’t find value in heavy rock and some rap, and some of my long-time relationships even though we are different.

What about you? What kind of music fills you with harmony? What music helps to shift pent up energy and allow more harmony in your day?

our own authority

A while ago, I saw something that bothered me. It was a billboard for a local hospital. It read—“two weeks after a hysterectomy” with the hospital’s name—it was advertising some new surgery technique. The problem I had with this was the image. The woman in the advertisement was carrying an older child on her back, who weighed approximately 40-50 pounds in my estimation.

Now I have had several major surgeries, not a hysterectomy, but surgery none-the-less. And I have known many women who have had a hysterectomy and I know they were not ready to vacuum, let alone carry a 40-pound anything on their back within two weeks time. I also don’t know of any doctors who recommend carrying much for a lot longer than two weeks.

The point I am getting to is this…why are we promoting as a society an expectation of all women who have a hysterectomy that they will be up and about, swinging a small child around on their back? One thing that takes away my harmony is when I feel like I am being told that I need to live up to some expectation that isn’t realistic for me, my body, my family, my whatever.

This was a personal lesson I learned—to take responsibility for what I am feeling and take care of myself, not letting anyone or anything be my own authority. I know my body best and I can say that walking a mile to the post office after a laparoscopy and major abominable repair wasn’t in my best interest, but I was told “you should be able to do it”. I did it because I believed their judgment over mine. I ended up extending my recovery by several days because I didn’t follow what my own body was telling me—“lay down on the couch, take it easy, sleep, rest, relax, take time off, take care of me”. The messages are there for all of us, and hopefully we learn to listen to them.

What is your body telling you? Are you chronically sick in your current relationship? Are you pushing yourself because something is ‘telling’ you to? Are you listening to someone’s assessment instead of your own body?

My experience happened almost 20 years ago. I can say if I were told something like that now, I would be my own authority. I would first listen to my body, then I would check in with the rest of me and stay home on the couch. The mail can wait.

strategizing, building, committing

These past many months have been about getting the business, Earth Wisdom Harmonics, up and running. We have strategized the purpose and vision of the business and have been building the web sites it will represent. We are committing to more blogs…on a regular basis…so keep in touch. The time has come! Earth Wisdom Harmonics is here!