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January, 2008:

astrology & market timing

I saw, Ray Merriman, a market analyst/astrologer give his Forecast for 2008 this weekend hosted by the Learning Center for Astrological Studies. He was discussing the economic, financial and political forecasts for this coming year. He pointed out cycles in the market, along with astrological cycles to anticipate possible fluctuations and shed light on the coming political arena. Fascinating stuff actually.

Astrology was respected as a science used for thousands of years to do just that in Egypt, Greece, India, the Mayan culture and many others. In this country we don’t see it as a science as much as wanting someone to tell us what to do, when our new love will come in, or how about that job. Astrology is not about giving over our power, it is about embracing it and understanding the supportive energy and possible challenges in our life based on intricate mathematical cycles.

Mr. Merriman’s talk combined two areas I am passionate about, investing and astrology. I have much more to learn, as I observed this weekend, but I have expanded my concept of astrology and how it can be applied in my life. It is a very useful tool not only for predicting cycles but inspiring compassion for humanity. I look forward to this coming year and receiving my financial abundance as it magnifies in this new light.

harmony interuptus

Work. Ugh. Not going the way I envisioned today and I found myself stressing (insert disharmony here) over something that happened at the office. Someone put their hand up to stop me from talking and explaining my process in the situation. I was triggered. Inside I was screaming…How dare he! I deserve to have my side heard too! I took a deep breath as I walked away. I then asked myself. What is my lesson here? Besides, of course, not screaming out loud and making a scene.

Feeling like the scapegoat goes way back to the role I played in my family. I realized I could either buy into that and react or let it go. Does this serve me any longer? Heck no! In the past maybe, but not any more. I checked in with that part of me that was up in arms, listened, comforted and I explained that was an alarm from the past and doesn’t play into the Now. I no longer buy into that pattern. So, I let it go. Harmony restored.

Later I found out he was having a really bad day and just couldn’t hear anymore. It wasn’t about me….imagine that.