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December, 2007:

Choosing Harmony

It’s funny as I write this blog my fourteen-year-old son is back. Needless to say he is attempting to interrupt my flow of harmony. I am in the moment of writing and he is sitting here distracting my thoughts and words by playing and rough-housing with the dog, play-bickering with his brother (pretty funny actually), throwing himself on the couch next to me, and being silly asking me “what’s wrong, Mom?” “Mom, what’s wrong” over and over again, all in the name of boredom. Bottomline, I choose how I want to feel about it. I have been having fun with him on and off all day so I keep it light. Sure at times it can be annoying, that’s when I give him a chore to do like, “go, take out the trash.” Ah, he’s off. I love being the creator of my own harmony. And the trash got taken out, too!

mission & purpose

The mission
This blog is dedicated to all things harmony and creating our true desires through harmonic resonance. Within the definition in the footer, harmony has an even deeper meaning to me and reaches to all of life’s experiences. Harmony in relationship, in health, in wealth, in emotion, in spirit—harmony in and on all levels of our experience here on this planet. I have observed many things that bring harmony in my life, including when the opposite, disharmony shows up to clarify harmony even further. I have a mission to create and inspire others to create more harmony on this Earth. My desire is by creating more harmony I will send out a harmonic signature to bring me more harmony. Thus as I give, I receive—a universal law.

The purpose
One of the areas of focus has been physical harmony. I went through quite a few years of disharmony before I learned what brought harmony to my body. For instance, I know I cannot consume flour in quantities and when I eat it I gamble as to how long my stomach will be bloated and uncomfortable, even painful. It might last a night, a few days, a month. So to keep harmony I eat very little, if any, of it. I have found that there are many healthful substitutions out there. I know there are others who have similar nutritional sensitivities so I wish to share what has helped me. My purpose is to inspire.

Another focus is emotional harmony. The human experience brings with it emotions. I believe one of the core reasons we are here is to create harmony with our emotions. Once again I know I have, and I bet there are others out there too that have, experienced emotional disharmony and gained more understanding on what we feel is harmony. To expand, that isn’t to say we are not to feel certain emotions that we don’t like, by all means it’s quite the opposite. I believe the ONLY, and I stress ONLY, way we find harmony with our emotions is making peace with the ones we don’t like and judge as ‘bad’, ‘negative’, ‘not good’, you get where I’m going with that. It’s a journey of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.

Other areas of harmonic reflection that spur me on are alternative health and healing, political, environmental, spiritual, educational, relationships, financial, basically all things life and living. I’m not going to pretend even for a minute that what brings me harmony is going to bring you harmony. Only you can choose what does that for you in your life. Only you know what your experiences have been. I speak only of my experiences and will share from that space. But I am definitely interested in hearing what your experiences are and hope you will choose to share them here.

So now the floor is open, what is your experience of harmony? Where do we begin?